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Seeing my title you probably thought I was blogging about the rap song….lol. NO.

Today is November 1, 2016, we are exactly 61 days away from 2017 God willing. What did you accomplish, or will accomplish by the end of this year? Is it a new car that you finally bought? Or the house you been saving for? Or even paid off the debt you owe? These things are great goals and accomplishments, but I want to challenge you in something that’s not mentioned all that much in our generation….obedience; Obedience to God. How has your obedience to God this year been? Are you striving to follow his word or is it not much of a priority? Friend, I want to encourage you today and challenge your obedience. Christ made a profound state in the book of John, chapter 14:15, he stated, “If you love me, keep My commandments”. In other words he’s saying, if you love me, obey what I say. And fortunately we have a faithful God who always holds to his word. He actually BLESSES us in various ways for our obedience to him. I am not simply saying obey to get something in return, but his blessing are the results of our active obedience.

C.S Lewis wrote “Obedience, is the KEY to all doors”. As a believer, our God wants us to continually progress in all we do, in our prayer life, reading of the word, giving, teaching etc. He wants to open doors for you, and show you who he is on a more intimate level. It takes obedience to get there.

There are many examples of God’s waterfall of goodness because of obedience, but I will only quote Exodus 20:6, God promises to show “love to a thousand generations of those who love me and keep my commandments”. As we Obey the Lord, we open the doors to abundant life in Christ.