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What are the marks of a mature Christian man? I know people are looking at the image I have up and think it’s the beard lol, its not. I have jotted 10 characteristics I’ve recognized that most mature men hold. Please understand that these are obviously not the only marks of a mature Christian man, but just a few that came to mind when I thought about the subject. Here are the 10 marks of a mature Christian man (According to me):

1. His Spiritual Life is on-point (as the young urbans say)

One mark of a Christian mans maturity is his spiritual maturity. A man who is theologically sound SHOULD be in continuous transformation, conforming to the image of Christ. A mature man does not just read and study scripture to gain knowledge alone, but for a spiritual revival and transformation in his life and community. Correct theology and prayer go hand in hand, so don’t think that prayer is excluded. Prayer is like the air we breathe in the Christian life. Leonard Ravenhill said “No man is greater than his prayer life” – Take note and let that sink in.

2. He has an Identity

Don’t get me wrong, when it comes to the things of the world, such as what career you want to do and so on; as humans we are always changing, but that’s not what I’m talking about. Right now I’m talking about knowing who you are and embracing it with confidence. I know countless people who actually have no identity. One day they’re a preacher, the next day a gangster, and then lastly they become an Imam (I’m being for real). As a mature man in the faith, you know your identity is hidden in Christ. We were all created in the image of God, but when man fell we lost sight of who we really were! But because of REDEMPTION, we can now confidently proclaim that we are children of God. A man with an identity does not get blown by the wind.

3. He’s got goals, visions, & ambition

A mature man is not necessarily a workaholic, but not a lazy bum either. He has goals he wants to achieve and he is in continuous pursuit until he reaches his goal. It could be something as big as self employment or something as small as purchasing a really neat car. Mature men are determined and strong willed.

4. He’s emotional, but not led by his emotions.

Emotions are good, but to be led by them is terrible. The bible, truth, and what is morally right should override your feelings especially on making tough decisions. A mature man knows how to use and control his emotion.

5. He’s Humble.

A mature man is humble. He understands that there is always someone higher than him. He is never afraid to ask for help when it is needed and he loves to learn from older and experienced men and women in all aspects in life. He needs not discouraged when playing the background because he has a clear understanding of sovereignty and knows that there is a time for everything.

6. He’s quick to listen and slow to anger.

Being a young black man and growing up in a rough place, I was a skinny little kid and I knew I couldn’t fight, so I became sharp with my words. We use to call it roasting (lol). I also dealt with some serious anger issues as a young man, especially when things didn’t go my way. But when I look at the scriptures, the first chapter of James talks about being quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to anger. Anger in itself is not a sin; even Christ got angry, but anger could most definitely lead to sin.

7. He Loves the Lord and his Commands

Jesus told the people of that time that if they truly loved him, they would keep his commands. The way you love your woman and would do anything to make her happy, and also not do things that would get her mad, is how we should love God. And in the simplest sense, what he requires. Salvation changes you, your desires and your life.

8. He never looks down on himself and others.

Mature Christian men understand that there are seasons in life. You have to have the attitude of Paul and be content whether you have little or plenty. Never despise small beginnings because it could end up being the next big thing. Whatever the mature man does, he tries to be the best because he understands that he is a representative for somebody much greater. Whether a man is a garbage man or a CEO, he should desire to be the best, because that shows true character.

9. He’s a Leader

He is a leader or is ready to be a leader as he follows Christ. A mature man is responsible for the direction, vision, and leadership of his family and relationships. The book of 1 Tim 3:12 gives us the standards on how to serve or lead. The mature man is called to lead leaders. (I’ll go deeper on this topic very soon)

10. He Loves One Woman.

Mature men choose to love their woman even if they don’t “feel” like it. Love is not a feeling, it’s a choice. If it was a feeling, all of us would fall in and out of love every other day. Love is a choice you make, and especially being a Christian man, your love should be growing more and more each day. I believe that even in a relationship, we are to be examples of Christ. Marriage is a depiction of Christ and the love he has for his Church, and we are to love with this love and be COMMITTED; choosing to continually pursue and love that one woman. No one said it will be easy, but your love is like gold; being tested and purified in the fire. Love Love. And for all you “playas” out there, STOP PLAYING!